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The medical practice of nursing is based on a theory which was developed in the 1950s by Ida Jean Orlando. She developed her theory based on what she perceived to be good nursing practices and bad nursing practices. She begin to realize that nursing should be about focusing on the patient, not the nursing practice itself.

The practice of nursing is one of the most misunderstood in the medical community. At the same time, it is very practical and proven. Students which are training to become nurses must master this process, and this may sometimes be challenging. The nursing method is divided into five categories that students must understand in order to be efficient in caring for their patients.

The first step that must be understood is called the assessment. Assessment is the step in which information is collected. While RNs are trained to study this information, LPNs or other nursing staff which are not licensed do not analyze this information.

It is also important in the assessment stage to get information on the symptoms and listen to what the patient has to say. Once this information has been collected, the information received regarding the patient must be analyzed.

The next step of the nursing process is diagnosis. After the information about the patient has been collected and analyzed, a diagnosis is given by the nurse. Only a Nurse Practitioner may make a medical diagnosis. The nurse looks at the problems and symptoms, and sets goals which will allow the patient to overcome them.

The third step of the nursing process is planning. Planning is the process by which goals are set which will bring a positive outcome to the patient. The nurses will need to understand the patients needs, and formulate goals based on them. The nurses will want to help the patient improve their health.

The fourth step is called implementation. This is the stage in which the nurse puts their plans into motion. In this stage of the nursing process it is important for the staff to communicate effectively. All members of the staff should be aware of the patients health and status at all times.

The last step is evaluation. Nursing is a practice which continues to improve. Evaluation means looking at the goals and objectives. With evaluation the nurse looks at the care which was provided for the patient and the outcome. It is important for a nurse to understand how effectively the patient was cared for using a certain plan.

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