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How To Select a Nursing Home

Nursing Home

Choosing a good nursing home for a member of the family can be a challenging task. It is important to remember that a nursing home may be the place a person may stay at for the rest of their life, and it is important to use discernment when choosing the correct facility.

Nursing homes are designed to assist those who suffer from illness or those who need treatments for various medical problems. A nursing home is different from a hospital and does not offer the same needs as a hospital. A nursing home is designed to impove the general well being of the patient. There are different types of nursing homes available, and we will go over them below.

The first type of nursing home is called the Skilled Nursing Facility. This type of nursing home provides nursing assistance 24 hours a day, and is supervised by nurses which are licensed. It is also known as a convalescent hospital. These nursing homes usually take care of patients which are bedridden and in need of long term care.

The second type of nursing home is the Intermediate Care Facility. These types of nursing homes provide eight hours of care each day. Because of their outward appearance, these nursing homes are often confused with Skilled Nursing Facilities. However, the level of care is much less and serves patients who need less care and are not bedridden.

The third type of nursing home is the Skilled Nursing Facility for Special Disabilities. This type of nursing home provides a protective environment for patients who suffer from mental illnesses. Many of these homes have areas which are locked so that patients are protected from hurting themselves or others.

All nursing homes are required by the government to be licensed. Being licensed will provide some assurance that the nursing home has good practices for care. Inspectors from the state government may visit the nursing home annually to insure that guidelines are being properly followed. While some nursing homes may be operated by nonprofit organizations, others may be owned by religious or fraternal organizations.

Nursing homes can be very expensive, and can range from $19,000 to $45,000 per year. Nursing homes in small towns are less expensive that large cities. The cost of medications are also not included in the costs mentioned above. It is important for people to sit down and review the different options available carefully before making a decision on which nursing home to choose.

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